Here are the answers to some common questions about the Student MakerSpace, Student Machine Shop and Support Machining Services.

Only if you are actively registered in MECH or MANU (no exceptions). Please see the Eligibility & Orientation page for additional requirements and details. Note that the Student Shop and MakerSpace are separate facilities with separate access requirements for each facility.

Yes, however, you must be affiliated with the university and must provide a WorkDay Worktag for the work.  Please go to the Support Machining Services page for details.

Please note: We do not perform work for cash or for private individuals, clients and organizations from outside of the UBC community.

MECH Student Machine Shop open hours can be seen on the mech tech access reservation system schedules here.

All materials, fastener and supply requests should go through ECE Stores.

The Machine Shop has limited supplies held on-site. To order materials from us:

  • See what is in inventory here: Material Inventory.
  • Place orders here: Order Form  Order before 9 AM with a valid account code (Workday Worktag available from your instructor/PI/team captain) and your material will be at Stores at 11 AM.
  • Note: due to limited space we mostly hold sheet stock in smaller sizes and some round bar in aluminum, mild steel and plastic (Delrin)

Please email Markus Fengler to set up an appointment to discuss your design.

Loans are available to students in Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and graduate and Manufacturing Engineering undergraduate degree programs.

Tools and equipment such as carts and dollies are generally available for free loan for 24 hours. We do not loan tools for extended period of time and we don’t loan vehicles, welding equipment or supplies, milling cutters, lathe tooling, heavy lifting equipment or any tool or equipment requiring special qualifications for use.

An online sign-out system is under development. It will contain a list of tools and equipment that is available for loan.  For now, please email mshop@mech.ubc.ca providing your student number and a clear description of the items you wish to borrow.

Pick-up and drop-off  times will be arranged thru Stores and are subject to Stores hours.

The shop can perform some welding services. Please see the Support Machining Services page for details.

You must be affiliated with the university in order to submit a job to  Support Machining Services. We do not perform work for private individuals or commercial enterprises.

Please see the Job Submission Form, requirements for specifications, and current rate information on Support Machining Services page.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis as many factors, such as staff, machine and material availability, play a huge role. A principle cause for delay, however, is incomplete job specifications by submitters (incomplete dimensioning, missing tolerances, missing material grade, condition specifications, etc.).