Wind Tunnel Access

The Boundary Layer and Parkinson Wind Tunnels are located in RH 120. These are used for teaching, research and student design team purposes.

Safety Orientation Requirements for Access

Access to RH 120 is required before accessing the Wind Tunnels. Site-specific orientation and all training modules must be completed prior to access. Full RH 120 access requirements can be found here. Note: Student Design Team safety training can be found here

Wind Tunnel Training

Uppcoming Wind Tunnel Training will take place on:

  • October 25th 2023 (10am-11am)
  • November 1st 2023 (10am-11am)
  • November 8th 2023 (10am-11am)
  • November 15th 2023 (10am-11am)
  • November 16th, 2023 (2pm-3pm)

Please contact to sign up. Note: Wind tunnel training is valid for 3 years. 

Wind Tunnel Booking

Prior to booking the wind tunnel, check the RH 120 lab calendar to see when it is available. Please contact to book the wind tunnel; please indicate the date and time of the request. Once the booking has been approved and confirmed, access to RH 120 will be provided.