Machine Shops & MakerSpace

The UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering provides support machining and fabricating services through the Support Machining Services, as well as resources and training related to machining through the Student Machine Shop and access to  fabrication tools through the Student MakerSpace.

Access for new and returning students

Please see our Eligibility and Orientation page for all details on who can access our Student Machine Shop and MakerSpace, requirements, and orientation sign up forms.

If you wish to gain access to the MECH Student Machine Shop or the MECH Student MakerSpace and you have not already otherwise completed orientation to these spaces and are not anticipating taking one of MANU 230, MECH 220, MECH 231 or MECH 512 this year, please sign up for one of each of our scheduled orientation sessions

MakerSpace access expires annually on June 30th. If you formerly had MakerSpace access and want to re-establish your access, please fill in the form at the bottom of the Eligibility and Orientation page.