Machine Shops & MakerSpace

The UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering supports hands on learning by providing students with access to machining resources and training, as well as access to fabrication tools through the Student Machine Shop & MakerSpace, as well as Support Machining and Services.


Water-jet cutter unavailable June 6-22, 2024

IMPORTANT! The MECH waterjet cutter will be out of commission from Thursday, June 6th until Saturday, June 22nd 2024 to allow for the removal of the old machine and install of the new machine. | Date: June 6, 2024 @2:18 pm

Hours & Access

Machine Shop hours vary according to operational needs. Before coming by to use a machine or talk to a member of our technical staff, check the Schedule Viewer for the mech-tech booking system to see when machines are available:

Note: Both the Student Machine Shop and the MakerSpace are closed for access from late August through September for MECH 220 and MECH 512. Regular access will be available at the end of September. Check the mech-tech booking system for specific dates and times.

Student Machine Shop & MakerSpace Access

To access our Student Machine Shop or the Student MakerSpace, please see our Eligibility and Orientation page for all details on eligibility, requirements, and sign up for an orientation.

  • New Users: If you are requesting access for the first time and are not taking one of MANU 230, MECH 220 or MECH 512 this year, please sign up for one of each of our scheduled orientation sessions
  • Returning Users: MakerSpace access, Student Machine Shop access and mech-tech booking system accounts expire annually on April 30th. If you  want to re-establish your access, please fill in the form at the bottom of the Eligibility and Orientation page.

Having Issues?

Please visit our FAQ page for answers common issues like:

  • Access to Makerspace not working? Please email with your full name, student number and a clear description of the problem.
  • Need mechanical equipment installed, removed or repaired or forklift loading/unloading services? Submit your request using our Podio Webform.