See below for how to get in touch with our Machine Shop and Electronics Shop technical services staff.  If you have a general inquiry about something not listed on the website, you can send an email to:

Machine Shop Directory

Name Contact Information
Markus Fengler Fengler, Markus P.Eng.
Machine Shop Lecturer (faculty)
(604) 827-5655
Furmedge, Peter
Eng. Tech. IV
Genshorek, Roland
Eng. Tech. IV (machinist)
(604) 827-5658
Hold, Angela
Eng. Tech. IV (machinist)
(604) 827-5658
Picard, Sylvain
Eng. Tech. IV (machinist)
Erik Wilson Wilson, Erik
Program Support Mechanical Engineer
(604) 822-4900

Electronics Shop Directory

Name Contact Information
Buxton, Sean
Program Support Electrical Engineer
(course work inquiries)
(604) 827-3477
Jolly, Glen
Instrumentation Technician
(research work inquiries)
(604) 822-4530
Hussain, Mome
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Technician
(604) 827-4217