Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving

The Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) have a combined shipping and receiving administered and operated by ECE.

ECE Stores: 1032 MCLD, 2356 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 (Google Map)
Contact: https://eng-services.ece.ubc.ca/facilities/ece-stores
Submit a request: visit the ECE purchasing website to request purchasing, shipping & receiving, and view their policies.

Packages sent to campus should be shipped to ECE Stores at the location above, as they have a receiver on duty and are equipped to handle oversized items and dangerous goods. Do not direct shipments to other department locations or labs. Letters and transcripts can be sent directly to the Department.

Please note that these services and facilities are only to be used for university purposes, and not for personal use or by the public.


For orders under $3,500 CAD, faculty, staff and students can purchase goods for university business using these options:

  1. Purchase items directly
    1. Pay for items personally and submit receipts for reimbursement. This is often the fastest way to order, however reimbursement processing takes some time. Check with finance@mech.ubc.ca for restrictions first.
    2. If you have a UBC Visa card, you can use it for purchases and reconcile your card through Workday.
  2. Submit a request through ECE Stores
    Submit a request at https://eng-services.ece.ubc.ca/help/purchasing using a Workday worktag (UBC account number). Staff and students should contact your supervisor/instructor/team leader to obtain account codes.
  3. Through Workday
    Workday supports a variety of purchase methods (requisitions, expenses, direct orders from some vendors, etc.).

Dangerous Goods

All items classified by Transport Canada as Dangerous Goods legally must be received by someone with Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification. Please see Transport Canada regulations for Transport of Dangerous Goods for more information (this includes certain types of batteries). ECE staff have certification and can order and receive Dangerous Goods for you. See their website for details.

On-site Materials 

Metal and Plastic Stock

View the  material inventory and submit your request through their order form using a valid account code (WorkDay Worktag available from your instructor/PI/team captain).

Orders placed before 9 AM will be available by 12 PM at ECE Receiving (1032 MCLD) and will be marked with WorkDay Worktag.

Electronic Parts

Please reach out to the Electronics Shop to find out about their available materials.

Shipping & Receiving

Having something sent to UBC, even if you ordered it yourself? Shipping large or dangerous goods on or off campus? Use the ECE facilities, which are equipped to handle dangerous goods or oversized items. Visit https://eng-services.ece.ubc.ca/help/purchasing to arrange for shipments into or out of campus.