UBC employees, including GRAs, RAs, and TAs, who are eligible for a FASmail account will automatically be provisioned an account, which consists of an alias of cwl@mail.ubc.ca. Please note that an account with firstname.lastname@ubc.ca may be provisioned if for some reason your cwl@mail.ubc.ca is not suitable. For requests, please email hr@mech.ubc.ca.

Please note that @mech.ubc.ca aliases are no longer being provisioned. These aliases are reserved for Mech staff and faculty only.

All accounts are subject to the following conditions:

  • FASmail addresses are not permanent and are only valid for the duration of one’s employment at UBC
  • FASmail addresses may expire before a student graduates if they cease to be an employee of the University (eg. if their RAship ends)
  • All FASmail addresses, may not be forwarded to non-UBC accounts
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of a FASmail account, including only using the account for university purposes and not misrepresenting the nature of your employment relationship with UBC.

How to Setup FASmail for New Employees

Please refer to the following document for instructions on how to setup FASmail.

Comparing Options for Graduate Students

Graduate students who are employees have two options for email addresses:

UBC Student Email Service UBC Faculty and Staff email (FASmail)
Usually the best choice for academic and scholarly activities For business related to your appointment at the university only; often required for TAships and other employment activities that handle confidential data
Can be hosted by UBC or forwarded to another account (such as Gmail); not FIPPA compliant if you forward it Hosted by UBC; FIPPA compliant
Permanent address – you can keep it after you graduate; people will still be able to reach you once you are no longer working for UBC Address will be deactivated when you are no longer an employee (even if you are still a student) (no forwarding or redirect message)
Sign up: UBC Student Email Service Sign up: Automatically provisioned



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