Lab & Room Calendars

Classroom Calendars

Classrooms in CEME and other engineering buildings are not managed by Mechanical Engineering, but by UBC’s Enrolment Services.  Classroom amenities and booking instructions for faculty, staff, and students can be found at UBC’s central Learning Spaces website, while room schedules can be viewed through the UBC Online Timetable. Faculty with room inquiries relating to their courses should email our Student Services team at

CEME meeting rooms 2202, 2054A, and 2052 can be booked for Mech users by emailing

Lab Calendars

The following are our undergraduate teaching labs, which can be booked for courses through Mechanical Engineering’s Student Services team at  Ad-hoc bookings can be made by emailing Please note, you must have completed the relevant safety training and site orientations to access these spaces.

Please note these spaces are for undergraduate teaching purposes only, with the exception of Rusty Hut 120 Aerolab, as the wind tunnel may be used for research purposes and by Mech Student teams. For more information on booking the wind tunnel visit our Wind Tunnel Access page.

ICICS X060 Computer Lab (Safety Poster)

KAIS 1160 Controls/305 Lab (Safety Poster)

KAIS 1180 Large Lab (Safety Poster)

KAIS 1210 Instrumentation Lab (Safety Poster)

KAIS 1230 Mechatronics Lab (Safety Poster)

RH 120 Aerolab (Safety Poster)

RH 123 Computer Lab (Safety Poster)