Access, Reservations and Orientation

Access, Reservations and Orientation

The Student Machine Shop is operated as a fully-supervised facility open to eligible users at times  indicated on the On-line Reservation System.


Access is provided only to students actively registered in Mechanical Engineering who have undergone orientation and who have a valid insurance, i.e. Student Accident Insurance or WorkSafeBC coverage. Student Accident Insurance policies are available from Mech reception in CEME 2054 for $7  and are valid for 365 days.


Please refer to this page for help with registering for our reservation system.

To use the shop, you must book your use. You can do so in advance through the Reservation System.  To create a reservation system account, go to the Reservation System login page ( )  and click on Create an Account. Please enter only the minimum information required as this is not a secure site. Contact if you have any concerns.

Note that all accounts are deleted on June 1st of each year, so returning students need to recreate their accounts annually.

Persons from outside of the Department are not eligible to make use of the Student Shop facilities, however they can submit work requests to Support Machining Services.



Completion of MECH 220, MECH 560 or the Basic Shop Orientation requirements (below) is required regardless of background or experience. Orientation to other shops does not fulfill the requirements for orientation to this facility and likewise, orientation to our facility does not qualify persons to work in other facilities.

MECH 220 Students

Students who are enrolled in or have completed MECH 220 are automatically oriented as part of the course. Incoming MECH 220 students should refer to the outline for the Machining Module of MECH 220 posted on the MECH 220 Canvas site for details on the steps needed to prepare for MECH 220 (you need to review material and write an online quiz and sign some papers prior to coming to the shop). Documents available for download here include the Student Machine Shop Handbook 2018v2 , the Acknowledgement of Risk, and the Waiver and Indemnification Agreement.

MECH 560 Students

Students who are enrolled in or have completed MECH 560 are automatically oriented as part of the course. Incoming MECH 560 students who have not otherwise completed the Basic Shop Orientation should review the Student Machine Shop Handbook 2018v2, then self enroll in the Canvas course MECH Student Machine Shop Training and complete the Orientation Quiz and then complete the Acknowledgement of Risk, and the Waiver and Indemnification Agreement. MECH 560 students are strongly encouraged to view the MITtechTV series of videos (outline provided here), focusing on Machine Shop 4 and Machine Shop 8.

All Other Persons

Mandatory Shop Orientation Requirements:
  1. Participate in a 3-4 hour  Shop Orientation
  2. Successful completion of the orientation quiz (administered through Canvas*) based on the orientation and the Student Machine Shop Handbook.
  3. Completion and Submission of the Acknowledgement of Risk
  4. Proof of WorkSafeBC coverage or a Student Accident Insurance Policy. Note that most Graduate Research Assistants, all co-op and work-study students and all other employees of the university are considered to be university employees and are covered by WorkSafeBC insurance.

* Please ensure that you self-enroll in the e-learning Canvas Course “MECH Student Machine Shop Training”  so that you can access the Basic Student Machine Shop Orientation Quiz. If you have trouble with your CWL, please contact your supervisor. Note that the quiz has to be manually released to each individual once they have attended the shop orientation session so you will need to contact the shop lecturer, Markus Fengler, at

Date for the Next  Basic (Mandatory) Shop Orientation: November 4th 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM in Kaiser 1190.


Basic Orientation Sign-up

    Indicate which of the above apply. If neither of the above apply, you are not eligible to sign up. MECH Student Shop facilities are open only to students in MECH and to MECH employees.
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The Next (optional) Water-jet Cutter Orientation: November 4th 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM