Student Machine Shop


Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering Student Machine Shop


The Department of Mechanical Engineering Student Machine Shop is a facility open for use by undergraduate and graduate students registered in Mechanical Engineering. It features fully supervised, daily open hours so that students can safely work on their projects, receive instruction and guidance on best practices for tool and equipment use and can receive design advice for their project work.

The facility consists of a 300 square-metre space located in KAIS 1190 containing conventional milling, drilling, sawing and turning equipment as well as fabrication equipment such as an abrasive water-jet cutter, press brake, 3D printer and various joining, shaping and cutting tools and equipment. It also contains a small facility dedicated to wood and plastics fabrication.

The head of the facility is Shop Lecturer, Mr. Markus Fengler, P.Eng

Please look at the sidebar links for more details on what is available,  who is eligible, etc.

Please also check the FAQ on the sidebar and if you have any further questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to email Markus!