Locker Rentals

Mech offers locker rentals on a term or session basis to undergraduate and M.Eng. students. Most lockers are located in the north wing of Kaiser, on the first floor (near KAIS 1180). Some course lockers are located in particular labs.

Course locker rental times will be discussed during class for courses that have lockers.

Individual locker rentals are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

2019W Individual Lockers:

  • Locker rentals are available beginning at 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 3 in CEME 2054.
  • Payment is by UBCcard only; all rentals include a Department-issued lock. Personal locks are no longer permitted.
  • You must come in person to register your locker – we are not allowed to process UBCcard payments without verifying your identity.


Lockers are not available for rental during summer terms.