Requesting Access (Keys, Fobs, and Alarm Codes)

Areas Mech Grants Access For

The Department of Mechanical Engineering issues electronic access, keys, and alarm codes for the following spaces:

  • CEME (Mech areas);
  • Rusty Hut (Mech areas);
  • KAIS (Mech areas);
  • High Head Lab;
  • ICICS Mech Undergrad Teaching Lab wing.
  • ICICS spaces occupied by Mech can also be requested through this form.

Keys are only issued for spaces that do not have electronic access.

Many buildings that have a Mech presence manage their access independently, including CERC, PPC, and AMPEL. Please contact those facilities directly for assistance.

Safety Orientation Requirements for Access

Requirements updated on April 20, 2017.

WorkSafeBC and UBC require all UBC workers to complete safety training, including mandatory general training and job specific training. At UBC, a worker includes: senior executives, faculty, staff, student workers, and visitors who have been issued an employee number. Mech requires non-worker students who have access to spaces beyond those granted on a course basis to meet the same safety training requirements as workers.

In Mech, this requirement is enforced by not issuing keys, electronic access or alarm codes until training is complete. In addition to the university-wide requirements, Mech requires completion of the Floor Warden Training Course, as many workers are in the building outside the hours that designated Floor Wardens are at work.

The required modules are:

  1. RMS Module 1: New Worker Safety Orientation
    • Engineering Student Team members who are not employees of the University and who have completed the APSC Student Team Safety Training course are exempt from Module 4 for the purposes of RH 102, RH 120, RH 120H, KAIS 1180, or KAIS 1210 access for team business
  2. RMS Module 2: Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying & Harassment
  3. RMS Module 3: Workplace Violence Prevention
  4. RMS Module 4: One of:
  5. RMS Module 5: Reporting Accidents and Incidents (CAIRS)
  6. Mech Requirement: Floor Warden Training Course – in Mech, everyone is responsible for knowing what to do in the event of a fire
  7. HR Requirement: Privacy Matters Fundamentals
  8. A Safety Orientation Checklist* for each space you are requesting access to, including office spaces. This training should be conducted by your supervisor or a designated trainer for the space. *Please note that this form will be updated very soon to better reflect the differing safety risks of lab spaces and office spaces. Please mark “N/A” (non-applicable) as required in the interim.

Higher risk spaces may have additional safety requirements, including but not limited to:


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