Transport Canada Dangerous Goods Regulations

In Canada, transporting dangerous goods is regulated very closely. ‘Dangerous Goods’ includes a wide variety of materials, from chemicals to everyday items like camera batteries. Ordering, shipping, and receiving dangerous goods requires specific training.

What This Means in UBC Mechanical Engineering

  • If you want to directly order materials classified as ‘Dangerous Goods’ you are required to take Transportation of Dangerous Good Training.
  • If you do not have a valid TDG certificate (they expire), you should order dangerous goods through ECE Stores or Mech Finance.
  • Regardless of who orders the materials, all dangerous goods should be received through ECE Stores to ensure we are compliant with current Transport Canada regulations.

For More Information

Download a short primer from Transport Canada.

Transport Canada regulations specifies the training, documentation, Means of Containment standards and Dangerous Goods Safety Marks that are required in transporting Dangerous Goods.

Please see Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods for more information.