ECE Stores

ECE Stores offers purchasing, shipping, and receiving services to Mech students and faculty for course, research, and team-related activities. There is currently no charge for this service.

Before placing an order, please try to source materials from domestic suppliers first. Certain items, such as some aluminum components and fasteners, are subject to anti-dumping duties. They may be delivered in a longer time frame and with an additional cost. An example of sourcing from a domestic supplier would be to check Metal Supermarkets before McMaster-Carr.

For time critical orders regarding fasteners, try to source from Spaenaur or Acklands-Grainger.

Please visit ECE Stores Purchacing Requests to submit an order.

Contact Information for ECE Stores

UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering Stores
Room 112B
Macleod Building

Room 112B is on the first floor of MCLD, near the link to KAIS.