Purchasing & Receiving

Purchasing, Shipping and Receiving is currently being supported by ECE Stores (Room 112, MacLeod Building 2356 Main Mall, V6T 1Z4).

If you are having items shipped to campus, use the address above and please send an email to purchasing@ece.ubc.ca with the subject “expecting a shipment from…” so that an automated RT (request ticket) is generated and the receivers can accept and hold the shipment for you.

You can also obtain purchasing assistance from the ECE Stores staff for purchases less than $3,500 CAD.

Purchases over $3,500 require a Purchase Order, which may be requested through Mech Finance (CEME 2054).

Please note that any Dangerous Goods must be ordered through ECE Stores unless you have a valid Transportation of Dangerous Goods certification, follow applicable shipping requirements and have a proper facility to receive such goods in compliance with the Dangerous Goods Act. Dangerous Goods includes compressed gases, flammable substances, batteries, toxic substances, poisonous materials, oxidizers, corrosive materials, reactive materials, radioactive materials and bio-hazardous materials.

*** DO NOT ORDER OR IMPORT DANGEROUS GOODS DIRECTLY *** – while there may be private or international suppliers who are willing to ship you supplies/batteries/etc. through mail or via courier, under Canadian law, the responsibility for importation rests with the purchaser. You may be violating federal law and face prosecution and fines if you are caught importing controlled substances or receiving shipments that are mislabelled to avoid detection (if cheap lithium-ion batteries are shipped mislabelled as mail to avoid special transportation charges , duties and taxes and they start a fire in the airplane they are shipped in, the importer will likely face severe penalties).

Electrical equipment must be certified to be legally offered for sale in Canada. There are many “budget” international suppliers who indicate “CE certification” on their products- the CE mark is not recognized as equivalent to e.g. ULC or CSA. In BC, you can consult the BC Safety Authority for approved certification marks. If you are purchasing equipment through a Canadian vendor, the vendor is required to sell only approved devices. In cases where the original equipment is not approved, the vendor will typically arrange a special, one-time approval  inspection (cost is typically a few hundred dollars). Electricians are forbidden to install equipment that does not have proper certifications and only electricians licensed as FSRs under the BC Safety Authority are permitted to install/oversee installation of electrical equipment.

Similar requirements are in place for gas (flammable gas, e.g. natural gas, propane) equipment, pressure and refrigeration equipment and elevating apparatus intended for lifting humans (scissor lifts, elevators, escalators, chairlifts, etc.). UBC Building Operations has FSRs (field safety representatives) for each of these categories.  It may be possible to have a UBC FSR carry out inspections of installations on a fee-for-service basis. Consult with them via the Director of Operations if you have questions.

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