RFID access control

Implementation of RFID system:

During the 2019 Fall semester, we will implement a new method of how to book equipment in the machine shop, and how to claim the booked equipment.
For users of the old reservation system, it will require some adjustment.
This page is here to help with the transition.

This project is ongoing and more machines will be equipped with RFID readers over time.


  • Pick up schedule and response time to a registration request have changed.
  • Waterjet, Triumph Lathe #3 and Master 2500 #1 need a valid booking and RFID token to unlock the machine. This change will take effect on Wednesday, November 13th.

Pick up tags:

Every Tuesday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Every Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Response time to registration request:

I will respond to new requests once every week. The cut off time will be every Wednesday by 12:00 pm.
Any request after this cut-off will be processed the following week. Please plan ahead.

A large number of notification emails go into the Spam folder (Gmail, Hotmail, etc..) Please check your spam folder for mail from bnimmer@mech.ubc.ca.

Unlocking of machines with RFID token:

Starting November 13th, all machines with “RFID” in the name, require a valid booking and your RFID token to unlock the machine for use. Please prepare. We will have computers available to book machines on the spot.


How to register:

Step 1:

Pre-register on this website. “UBCME.SHOP/RFIDTAG”
You will receive an e-mail with more detailed instructions on how to finish Step 2 of the registration process and how to claim your RFID token.

Step 2:

Finish registration.
The online portion of this process can be finished here. “UBCME.SHOP/STUDENT”
The token together with some extra information has to be picked up at the Machine Shop. We need to see your Student ID and the email that you received to finish this process.

Step 3:

Book machinery on our new booking site and use your token on RFID Reader enabled machines.

The whole process will take longer as previously. At this point possibly up to a week. If you need access to the shop, plan accordingly.

Main differences to our “old” system:

  • Self-registration on our booking site is disabled. To open an account you have to follow the outlined process.
  • To unlock machines, a valid booking in the user’s name has to exist. (Once all machines are equipped with RFID readers)
  • Unclaimed bookings will be tracked and users with several unclaimed bookings will be contacted and may lose access to key equipment


Please direct questions to Markus Fengler (mfengler@mech.ubc.ca) or Benny Nimmervoll (bnimmer@mech.ubc.ca)