Instructional Videos and Shop Practice Manuals

MIT Machine Shop Video Series

Index of Videos MIT Machine Shop Practice

This series of 10 videos from MIT provides an introduction to basic shop practice using conventional machines. The index lists basic content descriptions. Note that the practices demonstrated are not fully compliant with WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and some of the equipment (tablesaw, mitre saw, etc.) are not available for use by students in our shop, however the videos provide a good overview on methods for using tools, equipment, and accessories.

Waterjet Software and Machine Operation

Introduction On How To Use The Waterjet Cutter (UBC Engineering Physics)
Preparation: CAD to DXF to ORD File Before Using The Waterjet Cutter (UBC Engineering Physics)

Detailed video from Georgia Tech showing step-by-step set-up and operating of a newer Maxiem 1515 (very similar to our machine) can be found here

Shop Practice Manuals

Repairing Machinery
Fundamentals of machine Tools US Army