Poster Printing

Mech has a wide-format printer, and is able to support printing of academic posters on a charge-back basis.

Printing requirements:

  • Posters must be for Mech faculty / researchers, for academic purposes.
  • Paper width is 42”.
  • Charged at $3.50 per square foot; charges must be against a speedchart (no cash/credit/etc.).
  • We are unable to print large blocks of colour used for decorative purposes (eg, dark background).  Images essential to the poster content are okay.
  • Submit a .pdf for accurate replication.
  • Powerpoint slides often render differently on different computers (fonts, shape locations, etc.).  If you submit a .pptx file, we are not responsible for incorrect rendering, and you will be charged for printed files, even if they do not appear as you had hoped.
  • You must allow a minimum of 2 full working days for processing.

How to submit a print job:

  • Create a ticket at the Faculty of Applied Science – IT Help Form and include the following:
    • Faculty member name
    • Student name, if applicable
    • Contact phone number regarding the job
    • Contact email regarding the job
    • Poster file (.pdf strongly preferred for accurate replication)
    • Confirmation of poster size (should match poster file)
    • Speedchart
    • Date required (you must allow at least two full working days)

Alternative Printing Options

Other popular printing options include: