PACE Lab, NAME Lab, and RH123 Undergraduate Computer Lab

UBC Mechanical Engineering has two computer labs. The 36 seat PACE lab is located in ICICS X060, and is used for Mech courses and for general undergraduate student learning support. The 8 seat NAME lab is located in CEME 2210, and is used for NAME courses and projects.

Logging In & Registering Your Account

Before using the PACE lab, NAME lab, or the RH123 Undergraduate Computer Lab for the first time:

  1. Browse to;
  2. Select “Login” and authenticate with your CWL;
  3. Click the “Register” button;
    • If you do not see a “Register” button, your account is not pre-registered. Contact
  4. Read and agree to the Terms of Use;
  5. Set your PACE/NAME lab password:
    1. Scroll to the “Windows” area of the account information page and click “Set Password;”
    2. Create a password;
    3. Click submit;
  6. Click “Update” and then “Logout.”
    1. Note that you must click “Update” for the change to save

Lab Use

Both the PACE lab and the NAME lab are dedicated to teaching and learning. Research activities are not permitted due to software licensing restrictions. Access priority is for scheduled courses, then students working on Mech coursework, then students working on other teaching and learning activities. Use of the labs indicates your agreeement to the posted terms and services, which are subject to change without warning.

The lab should be generally considered unavailable during scheduled courses. If the course is not using all of the computers, you may approach the instructor to request permission to remain in the lab, working quietly. If it is allowed, this is a courtesy only – you are generally expected to vacate the lab when a scheduled class begins. You can view the PACE lab course schedule on the lab calendar page.

Physical Access

Beyond access during scheduled courses, NAME students have electronic access to the NAME lab (and CEME) and Mech undergraduate students have electronic access to the PACE lab (and building perimeter). Simply tap your UBCcard to the black card reader, wait for the light to go green, and then open the door. If your UBCcard does not work but you need access, please contact facilities (at)


  1. How long is my account valid?Accounts are valid for up to one year. Accounts must be renewed each summer.
  2. How can I tell if the PACE lab is booked for a course?You can view the PACE lab calendar on the lab calendar page.
  3. Who do I contact if you have questions?General questions about Mech Facilities and Technical Services should be sent to facilities (at) Technical concerns can also be submitted directly to IT services via the APSC IT Help form.