Services and Rates

Bench Hours and Instruction Bookings

Instrumentation will now be offering bench hours and instructional bookings to complement the free consultations available during the open hours.
Note that bench hours and instruction may be limited from September – December 2016 due to renovations.

  • Bench hours – $3 / hr – includes an equipped bench within the instrumentation space, with limited access to support
  • Instructional bookings – $25 / hr – this new service, at a subsidized rate, is available to students who want to learn more about instrumentation, and would like one-on-one (or small group) mentoring, instruction, or support.  They should centre around specific learning objectives

Design / Design Review

Internal rates for design or design review services will move to a flat-rate tiered system, on a partial cost recovery basis.

  • =< 1 hour: $25
  • =< 3 hours: $50
  • > 3 hours: $100
  • > 10 hours: $200
  • UBC APSC (non-Mech): $40 / hour
  • UBC (non-APSC): $80 / hour

Prototype Build Services

Build Services will be quoted in advance, based on the project design or design review.  Labour charges will not exceed quote.

  • Internal: $30 / hour, plus parts
  • UBC APSC (non-Mech): $40 / hour, plus parts
  • UBC (non-APSC): $80 / hour, plus parts

Equipment Loans and Rentals

Effective January 1, 2017: to ensure equipment is equitably available to loan for all Mech faculty and students, maximum loan periods will apply.  Beyond the loan period, rental rates will apply.


  • Limited to stock on hand – order larger quantities through ECE stores
  • Priced individually
  • Effective September 15, 2016: UBCcard same day payment required