Facilities FAQ

Please contact facilities@mech.ubc.ca with any questions, concerns, or enquiries. Access-specific questions can be sent to access@mech.ubc.ca.

Asbestos is a present in the walls of most Mechanical Engineering spaces. Accordingly, we endeavour to disturb the wall as little as possible. For lightweight objects, please use 3M Command Strip products, as they can be removed cleanly from the wall, without leaving marks or residue. "Picture hanging strips" are typically the most useful product.

For heavier objects and permanent installations, please contact the facilities team to arrange for the zone carpenter to do the work. Please note that there may be a small charge, based on their hourly rate.

Tape lines are used for boundaries and to mark hazards. The Department's colour standards are:

  • Yellow: Hazard boundary - do not cross without specific training
    • Note: this is a UBC standard, and custodial staff will not cross a yellow line
  • Yellow/Black stripe: Caution (e.g. trip hazards, bump hazards, stair edges)
  • Green/White stripe: Safety Equipment Zone / Access Route - do not block (e.g. eyewash station, spill kits, fire equipment, first aid equipment)
  • Orange: Boundary line - primary (e.g. multi-user space delineation, separating PPE requirement zones)
  • Blue: Boundary line - secondary and administrative (e.g. equipment storage locations, boundaries within orange boundary areas, occasional use zones)